Cotton Plant

Private Workshops

*All workshops are on video

**Workshops are educational, and not therapy sessions

***It is recommended to book a free consultation first, especially if you are unsure if a personal workshop will be a good fit for your needs.

Pre-Marital/Long Term Relationship 

Perfect for heterosexual and LGBTQ+ couples seeking a pre-marital information course as part of marriage preparation. This 3 hr workshop will cover topics such as communication and connection as a couple, aspects of married life such as finances and relationship with in-laws, children and parenting, and conceptualizing the relationship in the long term. This workshop content can be adjusted to your particular needs within your particular relationship, and it is great for LGBTQ+ and polyamorous relationships.

All partners within the relationship are required to attend.


This 3 hr parenting workshop is for parents of younger children 7-12 yrs old and does not cover parenting after separation. The workshop will cover topics such as how to strengthen your relationship with your child, communication and rapport with your child, parenting styles, parenting together. The content can also be adjusted for blended families, and LGBTQ+ families.

It is highly recommended that all parents in the family unit attend, but it is not mandatory.