Therapy Programs

At the moment, all therapy programs are held over video and are "private" - you are taking the program by yourself, not in a group environment. You will be required to buy a bundle of 3 therapy sessions at regular price before assessing fit into the program. 

All therapy programs consist of psychoeducational material made available to you as a presentation and/or private workshop, as well as several therapy sessions meant to allow you the space to process through the information presented and move along your healing journey. 

Therapy programs are quite extensive and time sensitive, and require that you be able to put in the effort and energy to complete the work. Please take a moment to reflect upon your own journey in life, and contact me to discuss prior to signing up for a therapy program.

Payment is available online or via e-transfer. Please contact me to ask about payment plans. 

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Me, Myself, and My Emotions ($1932)

This program is for you if you find it difficult to manage your emotional reactions to life events, and are struggling with a sense of self. It consists of several psychoeducational courses (or face to face online workshops if you prefer) on the following topics:  


Additionally, you will receive a workbook with exercises to complete as you follow along with the courses.

The program also includes 12 individual 1 hr long therapy sessions that can be booked at any time as you go through the material, to help you process through the learning material and continue your path through the healing process.


Additional bundles of 12 sessions may be purchased at a heavily reduced rate of $96/hr to assist you in your journey. 


Healing from Trauma Program ($4344)

Heavy traumatic experiences are stored in our bodies and our psyches. Learn to release the heavy emotional pain you have been carrying with you and heal the ragged wounds that have not been healing until now.


This program is for you if you have experienced trauma (childhood/assault/loss), are struggling with a loss of identity and self image, and other forms of therapy have not been very successful. This is an intensive, private program, that you complete at your individual pace, and does not involve a group environment. It consists of psychoeducational workshops, a workbook with exercises, and 24 individual therapy sessions (1.5 hr long). 

Please note, my approach to helping you heal from trauma involves a psychodynamic, expressive arts, and narrative therapy approach that is aimed at helping you identify, release, and heal your emotional pain. 

Additional 12 session bundles can be purchased at a heavily reduced rate of $89/hr.


Healthy Relationships Program ($1556)

For individuals.


Communication and Connection Program for Couples ($3192)

For couples. All partners must attend.


Self Exploration Through Creativity Program ($2604)

For individuals.

Learn more about yourself, explore the deeper areas of your psyche, get to know that person hidden deep inside. Through expressive arts and narrative techniques, you will explore gently and learn to heal along the way whatever unmet hurts rise up from the darker places of your psyche. 

This is a gentle process over the course of 12 months that includes a workbook, short courses, and 12 individual therapy sessions (1.5 hrs). Additional bundles of 12 sessions can be purchased at a heavily reduced rate of $96/hr as needed. 

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Let's Work Together

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