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Andra Gramescu

Registered Provisional Psychologist, CCC

Welcome to my counselling space, I am glad you are here!

My wish is to walk with you in your journey for a time and share expertise. I have expertise in theoretical background and lived experiences; you have expertise in your life. Together we can create a life you can be proud of.

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Areas of Expertise

Relationships (with self and others) 
Emotional regulation
LGBTQ+ concerns
First responder concerns

Life transitions 

I believe every healing journey starts with a step inside the looking glass, so to speak. It starts with a look inwards and acceptance of the self, before you take any other action. Acceptance of yourself is essential to any healing work you may engage in, now or later in life.

I can help you in your journey of healing, walk with you for a time. The road is uniquely yours; I am but a guide and a support. With my gentle guidance and increasing trust and belief in yourself, I can help you reach peace and tranquility, and heal the ragged edges of your hurt.

I welcome you into a space where love and compassion nurture you and acceptance and validation provide the rest your tired feet long for.

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Edmonton, AB

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